Our environment

The Group takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously and has introduced many initiatives focused on reducing waste, improving energy efficiency and reducing its overall carbon footprint.

Go Green

Our partnership with Go Green, launched in 2020, was fully rolled out in FY21 and enabled us to be more efficient with the classification and segregation of our waste. We have recycling facilities in every retail location, workshop and office. We recorded the following key waste statistics during FY22:

Key waste statistics20222021
Total waste removed by Go Green 948.2t 495.6t
Percentage waste to landfill 0.9% 2.9%
Percentage waste recycled 81.0% 52.5%
Percentage waste recovered 18.1% 44.4%
Tyre casings collected and recycled 11,235 4,528
Percentage of purchased casings recycled 80% 82%

Energy efficiency actions

We are committed to responsible energy management and will practice energy efficiency throughout our organisation, wherever it’s cost effective. We recognise that climate change is one of the most serious environmental challenges currently threatening the global community and we understand we have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Birmingham Clean Air Zone Initiative

Birmingham City Council partnered with us to offer people working in the Clean Air Zone the chance to scrap their old car and receive £2,000 credit towards a compliant vehicle, or a mobility credit. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to support the Clean Air Zone’s Scrappage and Mobility Scheme and through it help play our part in reducing the level of nitrogen dioxide emissions in Birmingham.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (‘SECR')

We measure and report on carbon emissions in compliance with SECR, covering energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions relating to gas, electricity and transport, intensity ratios and information relating to energy efficiency actions. In accordance with the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulation 2013, the table below sets out Motorpoint’s emissions in 2022, compared with 2021.

 2022 2021
Total energy use covering electricity, gas, other fuels and transport (kWh) 9,888,058   8,370,540
Scope 1 emissions generated through combustion of gas (tCO2e) 618.35   573.92
Scope 1 emissions generated through use of other fuels (tCO2e) 472.09   204.38
Scope 2 emissions generated through use of purchased electricity (tCO2e) 959.50   885.89
Scope 3 emissions generated through business travel (tCO2e) 265.10   162.17
Total gross emissions (tCO2e) 2,315.04   1,826.36
Intensity ratio – total gross emissions (kgCO2 per sqft) 3.12   2.79